Move over Hydrafacial! The brand new MP Dermal Infusion is the next big GAME CHANGER in device-based facials!

MP Dermal Infusion employs a UNIQUE comprehensive transdermal serum delivery system utilizing novel vacuum-aided serum infusion for dramatic improvement of aging and other skin conditions. MP Dermal Infusion is completely customized and tailored to each client’s unique needs and not a one-serum-fits-all facial like other devices that cost top dollar!

Make it MEDICAL GRADE with MicroInfusion

Get true collagen building benefits by adding the optional vacuum-assisted MicroInfusion with our .25 ultrafine microneedling handpiece with serum delivery.

You choose what kind of results you’re looking for:

“Glowy” for date night and red carpet events

“Extra-Oomph” for collagen stimulation and anti-aging benefits